zondag 7 oktober 2012

Gene Clark - Live at Ebbets Field, Denver (2CD Special Edition) by Gene Clark

Posted by Alan Posted on September 15, 2012 and filed under Rock, CDs author avatar Released October 29th. for £7.99 "This special edition set includes Gene Clark performing Live at Ebbet's Field in Denver in 1975, plus a 16 track CD of unreleased demos. It finds Clark backed by Roger White on guitar and Duke Bardwell on bass and acoustic guitar and the harmonies are superb . White's lead guitar offers a fine counterpart to Clark's strong and emotive vocals, which are still striking despite the low-budget circumstances of the gig. This recording features several songs that slipped through the cracks and never made it onto a proper album (such as "Home Run King" and "Daylight Line"), two numbers reaching back to his glory days with the Byrds ("Here Without You" and "Set You Free This Time") and even a pair of old country chestnuts ("Long Black Veil" and "In the Pines"). Things often sounds casual, as if this trio was performing for a handful of friends, but Clark was in full command of his muse this evening and it's a reminder of just how consistently remarkable he could be, even playing a little bar on a Wednesday night" Disc: 1 1. Long Black Veil 2. Kansas City Southern 3. Spanish Guitar 4. Home Run King 5. Here Without You 6. No Other 7. I Can't Live Without You 8. Set You Free This Time 9. She Darked The Sun 10. In The Pines 11. Train Leaves Here This Morning 12. Silver Raven Disc: 2 1. Dragon's Eye 2. Liona 3. Washington Square 4. With You I Can't Lose 5. You Better Move On 6. Dancing on the Moon 7. Mary Sue 8. Deportee 9. Can't Say No 10. When Jokers Are Wild 11. Del Gato 12. The Panther 13. Gypsy Rider 14. Almost Saturday Night 15. The Hurting Game 16. That Part Of You

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