vrijdag 20 april 2012

Celebrating The Music Of Levon Helm

Reading that Levon was on his final journey felt like a gut punch. This country has been blessed with many wonderful musicians, and much great music. But from the first time I'd heard his voice and through the decades as he kept on keeping on, it was clear at least to me that he personified the sound of music we call roots. When he sang a song the notes and tone both soared through the skies while also feeling...well, for lack of a better word...rooted. Whether with The Band or the hundreds of musicians he played with over time, when Levon was in the mix you just knew it. I can imagine that over the next few days and months there will be thousands and thousands of words written about the man. Both in celebration and in eulogy. For myself, I'd prefer to remember him by the music he made. So I'm scouring the places people post things and will try and share some of the moments that he made into magic. Please feel free to add your own memories. 

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