zondag 30 januari 2011

Anna Coogan in "In the Woods" (January28, 2011)

Up to their concert in In the Woods in Lage Vuursche (The Netherlands) I knew a little of Anna Coogan. Last year I read about her on one of the music sites and listened to "Crooked Sea" on You Tube. Last Friday Anne Performed in In the Woods in Lage Vuursche with the Italian gitarist Daniele Fiaschi

The concert was fantastic. From her website: "Anna Coogan's bittersweet Americana has enchanted listeners since she began writing her own songs in early 2002. A trained opera singer and field biologist, Anna translates her love for desolate landscapes, dark alleyways, and neon valleys into simple, sweet melodies."

Soon Anna will fly back to Seattle. But she comes back in Spring 2011.

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