maandag 27 september 2010

Country Rock from the seventies: Redwing

When I'm driving to my work or to home I'm listening to my CD's. Today Redwing from Redwing. Great.

Redwing was a band from Sacramento, CA. The band evolved out of the New Breed and later Glad, which included Timothy B. Schmit (Poco, the Eagles) in the lineup. After Schmit left in 1970 to join Poco, his replacement in the band was Andrew Samuels. The other members of Redwing were Tom Phillips, Ron Floegal, and George Hullin. In early 1970 the band cut its first album, Redwing, for United Artists. On this record many grat country rock songs.

  • Please Doctor Please
  • Dark Thurday
  • I'm Counting on You
  • Oh Maggie

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